The Resurrection Proves

The Resurrection Proves

Author: Daniel Miller
April 01, 2023

Like Christmas, Easter is celebrated in our country both as a Christian holiday and as a cultural holiday. As a cultural holiday, many businesses are closed and many attend a church service who only do so once or twice a year. Kids do egg hunts. People buy chocolate rabbits and bright colored marshmallows in the shape of chicks and load up on sugar. Amid the festivities of the holiday, it is imperative that Christians not miss the impact of the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus was an event the early church unequivocally accepted without dispute as true and factual. There is no treatise written in the Bible to prove that Jesus rose from the dead. However, we find in 1 Corinthians 15 a chapter dedicated to revealing what the resurrection of Jesus proves to believers. There are many truths in 1 Corinthians 15, but I want to highlight 8 affirmations that the resurrection of Jesus proves with certainty.

1. Jesus is alive today (vss. 5–8, 20)
Paul recounts the events that happened around the time of Christ’s death and resurrection. Jesus died for our sins according to Scripture. He was buried, He was raised from the dead on the third day according to Scriptures. After He was raised, He appeared to many different people over the course of many days including Simon Peter, James, all the apostles, 500 disciples, and finally to the apostle Paul. All those people were eyewitnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. Their witness testifies to the fact that Jesus is alive today.
Paul says in Romans 6:9 that Christ, having been raised from the dead, will never die again. Death no longer has dominion over Him! He is alive and will be alive forevermore. Because of the resurrection of Christ, we know with absolute certainty that Jesus is alive right now and forevermore.

2. A believer’s salvation is eternally secure (vss. 2, 17–19)
In addition to verifying that Jesus is alive today, the resurrection also proves that our salvation is eternally secure. The gospel is the believer’s only hope of salvation. That Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day is the believer’s only hope for freedom from the condemnation of sin. But for the resurrection of Christ, we would still be lost in our sins (17), everyone who has died has perished eternally (18), and those who endure hardship for believing in Christ have the most pitiful lives ever (19).
Praise God this is not true! The fact that Christ was resurrected proves that a believer’s salvation is eternally secure. There is no “if”, “but”, or “maybe” about our salvation’s security.

3. Christ will return and reign (vss. 23, 25)
Christ’s resurrection proves both that He is alive today and that He will fulfill His promise of returning to earth. Jesus is called the “first fruits” of those who have been raised from the dead. That’s like saying that the first crops are ripe, so the rest are cerain to follow. He is the first One to be raised and never again experience death. We will be next! Soon, Christ will return to take His bride home and raise those in Christ who have already died. The resurrection of Jesus proves that He will return and take us home.

4. Christ will reign (vs. 25)
Because Christ has been raised from the dead, it proves that He has been given authority to judge and reign over all things. He must reign until all enemies have been subjected to Him. It is no coincidence that the last enemy that will be put into final submission is death itself (26). Resurrection itself will no longer be necessary because there will be no death.  Death will be swallowed up by life and will have no power and no sting (55). Jesus will reign and will be victorious over all things including death itself (57).

5. Suffering for Christ is worth it (vss. 30–32)
If Christ had not been the first fruits of the resurrection, there would be zero profit in suffering for Christ. Of all people, we would be most pitiful because we would not be experiencing all the temporary pleasures. If YOLO, then why waste any of this life with suffering? Live it up with all the temporary pleasures possible!
But Christ has been raised and His resurrection proves that suffering in this life is worth it. Why? Because we will be raised from the dead and rewarded for the deeds that we have done on this earth, whether good or bad (2 Corinthians 5:10). Temporary, light afflictions are nothing in comparison to the weight of eternal glory we look forward to because of the resurrection of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:17).

6. We will have an imperishable, glorified body (vss. 42–44, 49, 52–53)
Back in verse 35, Paul answers the objection of how it could even be possible for a person to be resurrected to a new and glorified body after death. It may seem impossible, but the resurrection of Christ proves that we will have an imperishable, glorified body that will always be ours. This body will be very different from the one we have right now. Our perishable body will be replaced with an imperishable. Our dead, rotting corpse will be raised to shine with glory. Our weak and frail body will be replaced with one having incredible power. Our current body of flesh will be replaced with a body constituted of spirit. This huge, exciting change awaits us because of the resurrection of Christ!

7. We will inherit the kingdom of God (vs. 50)
Christ’s resurrection proves not only that we will receive a glorified body, but also that we will receive the inheritance of the kingdom of God. I am pretty certain that the inheritance I receive when my parents pass will be very minimal. Even if it was a substantial inheritance, it would be nothing in comparison to having an inheritance in the kingdom of God. I would take this inheritance over an inheritance from Jeff Bezos any day!
Usually, it is the death of someone that guarantees the inheritance for children. In this case, it is the resurrection of Christ that guarantees an inheritance in the kingdom of God. Because of His resurrection, we as believers have our names written on that inheritance, which we will receive in the age to come. What a glorious inheritance that will be!

8. That we can live victorious Christian lives in the present age (vs. 58)
Paul ends his discussion on the resurrection with words of comfort for believers. It is ONLY because of the resurrection of Jesus that we can live victorious lives as Christians in this age. By “victorious” I mean that we can do the things listed in this verse. We can be steadfast. We can be immovable. We can abound in the work of the Lord, knowing that our toil is not in vain. We can be less sinful and more like Christ because of the resurrection. We do not need to be swayed by every new and popular belief or idea that comes around. We don’t even have to go to the empty tomb to prove the validity of any of these statements. We can be certain that the resurrection of Christ proves that all of these things are true!






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